How to make Zeny easy on valkyrie and Chaos lolz!

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How to make Zeny easy on valkyrie and Chaos lolz!
just curious how everyone makes their Zenny. Iused to sell antelope horns
in IRO the economy is really one sided..ppl buy stuff worth 1bil/500mil etc etc...wr do they get money from? bots? zeny shops?
nowadays ppl started selling warpportal points for zeny and claim that it is legal...BULL-_->.<
my zeny never reaches above 25mil....
Look at woe supplies. Whats cheap to make but sells for 2-3x profit?
Blue herbs...kill 1 goat=45k, Treasure box(from dragons)=150 WSS=150-300k zeny, hunt/buy the supplies for Acid bombs/edp etc(5k worth of bomb sets costs about 400mil, but sells for 1bil at the time I was doing it). Do MVP's either with BB's or hunt them, there isnt much comp left on the server so it shouldnt be hard. Made 4bil~ off of 150 BB's which cost 1.2bil~ at the time. Just pay cheap, sell high and its easy.

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